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How helpless you seem, here beneath me. Though
you have always been weak in my eyes, ne'er
like this. Your lithe body arched to the moon,
sweet trails of sweat slipping across pale flesh.
Oh, how long have I waited for this? For
the chance to truly feel you. you
tremble. I see a whirlwind in your eyes,
the deep azure a stormy sea upon
which we toss and turn. Each of your cries acts
to pierce the night, tearing the heavy sheet
of silence that had settled. I adore
these wordless confessions that you too can
feel the passion that courses within me.
Would but this could last an eternity,
our bodies always intertwined in this
dance of lust, of desire. However,
the night must end with the disappearance
of the inconstant moon. And finally
your body, spent, finds solace in the world of
sleep. For now, my lord, I will grant you peace.
So, I actually wrote this awhile back and pulled it from DA in an attempt to submit it to a magazine...or something. Well, they never responded to me. Thus I am returning it to my page.
I want to write stuff.

But my brain says no ideas for you.

Someone please inspire me.
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Then suddenly there was matter.
There was time, there was life.
From the unfathomable nothing sprung forth our universe.
Our earth was born,
she, an angry mass of volcanoes and storms.
And life, oh that miracle, rose from the non-space.
A single microorganism,
whose name we will never know,
began turning the Evolutionary Wheel.
Earth had many inhabitants.
But here and now, she houses us.
Homo sapiens, her most gifted child.
We have made her surface angry as the beginning.
Machines of war replace the storm,
death flourishes in the garden of life.
In a hundred-thousand years our plights will matter not.
If the Homo sapiens lives still, he will be alien.
His old achievements as pathetic as the discovery of fire.
Even he will eventually cease to exist.
Several million years will rob him of his humanity,
whether through death or the persistence of the Wheel.
Billions of years will pass then.
Andromeda will embrace the Milky Way,
their fervent dance sending shockwaves through their solar systems.
And the sun will swell, a goddess taking true form,
and her light will overwhelm Earth,
ending this cycle of life.
Then the darkness will swallow the light.
The sky will be black as coal.
Ravenous black holes will steal anything they come across.
But even they must die.
Even the devourers of the universe halt in their tracks.
Life is no more. Matter is no more.
Time ceases to exist.
The Universe
This was inspired by a series of videos relating to our universe and life that I came across on YouTube over the past couple of days. This is, from what we humans can understand, a possible route the universe will take. 
I want to write stuff.

But my brain says no ideas for you.

Someone please inspire me.
  • Mood: Tired


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I am a writer. On occasion I will do a bit of drawing. Who knows. I'll try most anything.

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